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Emmetts Haircare

RINSE daily hydrating conditioner 8oz

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rinse is formulated to infuse each strand with natural emollients and vitamins from marigold, sage, cranesbill, yarrow, and panthenol b5 helps restore proper balance to all hair types, leaving hair healthy and shiny without weighing it down. Rinse is suitable for all hair types.

* key ingrendents:
Panthenol, is a form of vitamin B5, used to moisturize the hair
Sage, this ingredient revitalizes and strengthens the hair.
Cranesbill, this ingredient swells the hair shaft and volumizes the hair.
Yarrow Plant Extract, this extract maintains the integrity of hair and imparts body and fullness.
Marigold Seed Extract, this extract is naturally rich in antioxidants, helps protect hair against free radicals and repairs damage from oxidization.
Rice Extract, this extract smoothes the hair and retains moisture, adding high shine.

EMMETTS haircare is certified organic by Organic Certifiers from Ventura, CA. Organic Certifiers is an accredited certifying agency of the United States Department of Food and Agriculture.