i am interested in becoming a retail partner, who do i contact?
for information about becoming a retailer please email us: sales@emmettshaircare.com
can you make an appointment for the studio online?
at this moment in time we are unable to book appointments over the internet, however, you can make an appointment by calling 317.475.0777 during normal business hours: www.emmettsthestudio.com
is this a secure site?
yes, transactions are secured through PayPal and your personal information is protected by 128bit SSL Encryption.
how do I find a retail store near me?
please click on the following link to use our store locator:
please email us and we will be happy to refer you to  a retail store in your area .
are your products tested on animals?
none of our ingredients or products are tested on any animals and emmetts haircare is endorsed by PETA .
are your products Vegan?
yes The entire emmetts haircare brand is vegan.
how do I know which products are right for me?
simply click on "how to use" under each product for complete information on properties, usage and directions.
is your packaging recyclable?
yes, our haircare bottles are made of PET (1) plastic. This is the most recyclable plastic. Your community recycling will gladly accept it. The tubes are made of MDPE (2) plastic. This plastic is the second most recyclable. All closures are made of HDPE and are often accepted for recycling.
are there preservatives in your products?
yes, preservatives must be used to ensure that the products are safe and free of bacteria. We use the safest, most natural preservatives available and we are constantly updating our products as the newest preservatives become available. You can find the ingredients under each product on the website.
do you offer discounts?
yes we offer a 35% discount to industry professionals; IA798 union members are eligible through the corporate office.

we require three (3) forms of id listed below:

  • crew list on company letter head
  • agency representative
  • film and/or tv experience
  • state active beauty license

for freelance artists:

  • crew list on company letter head
  • call or tier sheet
  • copy of union card resume
  • state active beauty license
please forward all information to:
emmetts HAIRCARE "professional" division
email: sales@emmettshaircare.com  attn: pro dept.