Regina Harris Perfume Oil (15ml) *IN-STUDIO PURCHASE ONLY*

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Amber - Vanilla: (the perfumers mysterious secret resin combination) A rich, warm and intense amber opens this magnificent perfume oil, enticing your nose with its soft, golden depths. Never one to keep things predictable, Regina Harris swirled in several delicate spices and laid it all on a reserved bed of vanilla. This is the rare kind of fragrance that transports you to a far-off place... a bazaar of sweet amber, soft silks, rich satins, hot sun and of spices simmering somewhere nearby. Mysterious and utterly captivating.

Frankincense - Myrrh - Rose Maroc: This is a decadent and resinous perfume oil filled with the scents of rituals both sacred and profane; of imagined opium dens and warrior pirate queens, of gilded mosques and ancient religious ceremonies. Rich, thick and dark as an Arabian night, Harris built her creation around the ceremonial incense resins of frankincense and myrrh, while the costly and precious "oil of passion" rose maroc, adds a rose-tinged spice and deep honey accord. Hand-blended and presented in exotic handmade metalwork bottles, this perfume oil is spellbinding in its dark, sweet magnificence; a holy fragrance to enchant and beguile with.